Citation Revisions for the Primary Source Analysis

  • Your “documentation” is intended to be a help guide. The source you cite should give readers the exact details of the more general claim you make in your argument.

The source you cite is also a springboard for other research. You are saying “learn more here,” when you cite a source.


  • Citation boosts your credibility. Academic research is about more than your personal opinions, conclusions, or experiences; academic research is based in facts and consensus.


  • You need to be able to distinguish between your words, opinions, and the facts/opinions of the source you are using.


  • Citing multiple sources will ensure that one source does not have the burden of documenting the entirety of an issue. You need to cite all the sources that help you to come to a conclusion. Thus, you need to leave all the appropriate breadcrumbs for readers that will guide them to the origination of your thoughts and ideas. Bring in sources to supplement your other source.


  • When in doubt, always cite.


  • The more quotes/block quotes or “images” of the text you are using/referencing, the more the audience can make their own interpretations.


  • Look at how have used your references. Have you referenced all the works present in your Works Cited?


  • Who is the author you are citing and why are they credible? Why are you citing this author so much?

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