Website Updates

On my homepage, I have added a YouTube video of a song that I enjoy. I plan to vary the music on my page, so that the website stays active instead of static and never-changing.

I have changed the color scheme of my website as well, fitting it to match the current song I have listed on my homepage. At first, my background color was a bold, electric blue; however, that color combined with pink text proved difficult to read. Hopefully, the rose color background I have now is better for viewing and reading content.

In addition to changing the color scheme, I uploaded a new photo as well. Again, my homepage will change often because I want it to exhibit a multitude of my interests and experiences. The photos I upload will always be ones I have taken myself, unless otherwise specified.

Currently, I have posted one of my unfinished poems to my homepage; however, initially I included a quote from a television show that I like that stood out to me.

Either quotes or creative works will occupy the space beneath my homepage’s photo, as well as accompanying music.

Also on my homepage, I have embedded the Course Weekly calendar.

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