James Bridle Article Questions

Who gets to decide what is “ethical” or “moral”?

It is hard to say whether or not it is national guidelines that decide because we have an open internet policy that prohibits companies from controlling the stream of information. Who decides what is ethical or moral right now seems to be the individual. Whatever content you consume, that is what you consider appropriate, ethical, or moral.

if companies decided what was ethical or moral, there would be no consensus. it is too complex of an issue to be addressed on a large scale because it’s like these things are put into existence and they are just left to be used and abused by the masses.

We’re on our own.

What conversations should we be having as parents, siblings, grandparents, childcare providers, and friends among ourselves and with the children in our care about the internet and how to use it?

I feel like we should be more careful about giving kids control over the devices they own. My mom is always amazed by my six year old cousin, and the way that she seems to know more about technology than she does. My cousin has her own iPad and she watches videos on YouTube. She knows how to search for videos and how to change the video. She is really smart, and has very much been raised with a device in hand. She consumes a lot of media, whether it is on the television or the Internet.

I think one thing families might do is make a playlist of pre-approved videos, so that the children don’t have to choose other options, even though they’re still on the screen…but maybe make a playlist of videos that you know are appropriate.

Watch the videos with the children and help them to consciously evaluate what is going on on the screen.

I read fanfiction and when I found out an eleven year old I babysit also reads from the same fandom – I was like, okay, that’s great, but you should really be careful. Make sure you look at the tags associated with stories and if there is a warning that states explicit content, beware of it. I know exactly how profane and explicit online writers can be, and so her profession of reading from the same fandom made me pause. I was like, we better not be reading the same types of stories.

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