How I Embed Files

I had trouble embedding the image of the Gradian login page on my Syllabus Quiz post, however, after meeting with Dr. Wharton, I learned how to execute this task.

If one right clicks on an image or video and selects “inspect,” then one will be able to view the code that causes that image or video to appear as it does. For instance, I found the iframe code on Dr. Wharton’s website for the Gradian login by “inspecting” the image, editing it as an html, and copying the code. After copying the code, I made a new post and selected the text option at the top of the post, instead of the visual one. Pasting the iframe code into the text box will bring up the video or image you would like to embed once you switch back to the visual option at the top.

If one is embedding a YouTube video, one can right click on the video image, copy the embed code, and then paste that into the text box as well. This will allow the video to be streamed directly from your website, instead of being viewed in a new tab.